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For an 11-year old I made the best decision by choosing to be enrolled at the Empathy School. It is there that I received an internatonal standard educaton which was and probably stll is a luxury in Mongolia. It is there I developed a vision for my future and it is also there that I learnt to be persistent about my goals in life. In fact such a vision and values developed in my young self helped me enjoy greater opportunites later in life. I see my years at the Empahty schools as the very foundaton of my life.

_Bulganchimeg Bayasgalant,

Communicaton analyst, United Natons Development Programme, Mongolia

I graduated from Empathy School (ES) in 2000. I believe studying at ES influenced my later life in many different ways. I’d never had a chance to learn the internatonal educaton system without the help of my teachers at ES. I feel always fortunate to have studied at ES. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD degree in Computer Science at Computer Science and Engineering department of UCSD (University of California, San Diego).

_Janarbek Matai,

University of California, San Diego | UCSD · Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

I have graduated from Darkhan Empathy School in 2006. Our school has played an important role in our lives. I fnished the University of Minnesota in Family Social Science and Psychology and am currently working at the NPC and Mandal as behavior analyst. I appreciate our school and teachers for their commitment to support us even afer graduaton.

_Delgermend Tserendamba,


Empathy Schools have been one of the best in Mongolia since the tme they first opened campuses in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Orkhon and Bayan-Ulgii. The quality of special preparaton programs in science math and computer science have been truly excellent and the school contnues to be successful in sending its best students to prestgious universites around the world. I can not thank enough to my Mongolian and Foreign teachers at UES for everything that has happened to me afer my high school years and I wish contnued success to you all.

_Uuganbayar Otgonbaatar,

MIT / Massachusets Insttute of Technology

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